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Ogre Burger Challenge

This is the massive OGRE Burger Challenge. A truly enormous slab of a beef burger in a giant bun. Costing £25, you must eat it all in under an hour to get the meal for free! We have had over 200 attempts and still no one has managed it! On top of their money back, the first man or woman to complete the Ogre Burger challenge gets £100 food & drink voucher to be used at the Edge, a...

Hot Wings Challenge

The hot wing challenge consists of completely eating 5 hot wings with all the sauce in at least 5 minutes, which is the easy part, then the challenger has to last the 5 minutes after burn without any drinks. Sounds simple, but many have attempted and failed.

Sky Sports

Lots of large plasma screens and 2 huge projectors, don't miss a thing!. Come up to The Edge and watch all major sporting events inc. those aired on Sky Sports. See all the sports action in stunning HD clarity. International Tournaments. Champions League Matches. Premiership fixtures. Carling Cup matches. FA Cup games. UEFA fixtures. Championship games. You can enjoy watching many...